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5 ways to boost your child's executive functioning and attention at school
Get immediate solutions that improve alertness, listening, processing, and task completion
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Get More Focused

Manage Multiple Directions

Increase Alertness

Be More Independent and

Enhance Task Completion

Improve Work Productivity

Reduce Back-Talk and Conflict

We will cover:

  • How to use NEUROSCIENCE to help your child be more ALERT
  • SUPPLEMENTS to increase FOCUS and COGNITIVE skills
  • SIMPLE changes you can make to cultivate better BEHAVIOR
  • What NEUROFEEDBACK is and how it can be a GAMECHANGER
  • ​How to parent SMARTER to increase INDEPENDENCE
You can improve your child's attention and executive functioning at school and home!
You won’t want to miss Dr. Roseann dive into all things executive functioning and attention so you can start getting the help you need!

After this webinar, you will walk away with simple, actionable tools that you can start using IMMEDIATELY to cultivate attention, better planning skills, and task completion in your struggling child or teen!

Forbes called Dr. Roseann,

"A thought leader in children's mental health."

So who is Dr. Roseann and why do you need her help?

She is a therapist, psychologist, author, and special needs mom herself who has helped thousands of parents find solutions for struggling kids. 

Real talk about real problems is what Dr. Roseann is all about.

She guides families with her warmth and humor to science-backed tools and therapies that help kids go from distracted to alert!

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